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Oggi 1 Aprile, in occasione di quello che sarebbe stato il giorno del compleanno di Gabriella ( Gabby @beaglefrommars ) la mamma, Signora Cesarina, ha messo a disposizione due splendidi dipinti per una lotteria benefica a favore del Donna Louise Children Hospice.
Per non dimenticare mai la sua arte e la sua generosità.
Se volete vincere uno di questi straordinari dipinti basta donare 5 serline o 6 euro QUI indicando il vostro nome e aggiungendo l'hastag #GabbyGlance o #GabbyStay.
Successivamente scrivete sempre il nome sotto il dipinto che più vi piace. Vi verrà assegnato un numero che sarà il vostro riferimento per la lotteria.
Dipinto n.1 : scrivete QUI
Dipinto n.2 : scrivete QUI
Affrettatevi ! Ci sono solo 50 numeri a disposizione.

English :
Today April 1st would have been Gabby's birthday.
Today we remember our generous, exceptionally talented, modest, shy friend who never looked for a Robbie moment... her joy came from her love of the man and his music and from creating her incredible art.
Gabby gave us all so much beautiful work to enjoy.
Gabby's mother Cesarina has generously given us two more of her beautiful artworks to raffle for the The Donna Louise Children's Hospice today, to remember her daughter on her birthday and to make sure her stunning art keeps on giving, in her memory.
Two lucky people are going to win one of these two stunning paintings.
The raffle is now open for "The Glance" a stunning colour portrait painting and "Should I stay or should I go," a pen and ink piece in Gabby's signature unmistakeable style.
⭐️ 50 raffle tickets for each painting priced at £5 each go on sale today ⭐️
Simply leave your name and take a number under the painting you would like to win and then head to:
to make your £5 donation using #GabbyGlance or #GabbyStay when making your donation and one of these gorgeous pieces of art could be yours.
Remembering our much missed friend with #LOVE ❤️ today and always...
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