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giovedì 26 agosto 2010

Nuova Biografia : "You Know Me" o" Twenty" ?

Qui di seguito tutte le domande e risposte date da Robbie oggi su twitter.
La domanda e la risposta sulla prossima biografia (che secondo quanto risponde Robbie dovrebbe intitolarsi YOU KNOW ME ed essere pubblicata il 20 settembre ) è stata eliminata.
Nella mia lista qui sotto,domanda e risposta sono ancora visibili ( evidenziate in giallo )
Cosa sarà successo ? Robbie ha scherzato, si è sbagliato o ha parlato troppo ?
Teniamo presente che è già stata annunciata una biografia scritta da Chris Heath prevista per il 7 ottobre intitolata TWENTY ( in preordine QUI )

Testo :

@robbiewilliams if you had to chose from your whole 20 years of music what would be your best and most memorable moment and why?

The Albert Hall Swing gig! And Knebworth!

@robbiewilliams What's the best thing for you so far, about being married? I'm in my 8th year and every year gets better! xx

it was the best day of my life. being married rocks. we're a team. i wasn't expecting the day to be as magical as it was

@robbiewilliams any more tattoo plans? p.s thank you for "feel" that song proberly saved my life. thank you so much xx

yes i'm thinking of having the Egyptian sun and moon gods on my left and right arm

@robbiewilliams I turn 30 tomorrow and I want to know if you are a happier person in your 30's and would you do it all again?

Happy Birthday for tomorrow. life does get better in your 30s you find out who you really are

@robbiewilliams if your penis had a twitter-account, what would be its status today, right now?

on trend

@robbiewilliams Can you swear that you never had any feeling of LOVE with gary? *glow*


@robbiewilliams just watched your vid and did u really want to jump of the cliff or were u not allowed ?

there was no cliff it's showbiz

@robbiewilliams did you find working with Gary again awkward in any way, when making the video was it just like old times? loving the song, love you!

yeah, it was amazing. not awkard at all i love him to bits. Ayda calls him my boyfriend

@robbiewilliams what song are you currently listening to on repeat?

why Shame by Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams of course

@robbiewilliams Do you think white chocolate tastes like sick?

no i'm a fan of white chocolate

@robbiewilliams Are you hoping the new new Take That will be as influential next year as The Saturdays have been this year?

fingers crossed but i don't want to get carried away

@robbiewilliams Could you say Happy Birthday to my best mate @Shellyy09 for next friday 3rd sept. It would mean alot to her and me xx


@robbiewilliams are you ready to start doing the proper boyband dancing again?

i might dust a few old moves off

@robbiewilliams fingers crossed you make my girls dream come true. she waiting with comb and scissers


@robbiewilliams What TT song, old or new you just can't stand? Annamaria, Croatia x

Could it be Magic is a bit pants.

@robbiewilliams If you have to live in another country, which one would you choose?

i do live in another country. Do you?

@RobbieWilliams What's your favorite Ipad app ?


@RobbieWilliams Has any album changed your life?

Take That and Party

@robbiewilliams were you born at North Staffs? Can I use it as my #somethingincommonwithyou ?

Yes and yes

@robbiewilliams What is the best part about an album/single, the making of it or the release ?

the making

@robbiewilliams What is Ayda's favourite track of yours and Take That?

I Won't Do That To You. Reality Killed The Video Star

@robbiewilliams Who can do more pressups, you are Barlow????


@robbiewilliams What video did you most enjoy making and why ?

seriously Shame

@robbiewilliams Why Take That again? You are bigger and better then that! We like you cos you were able to rise above and become who u are today!

cheers but what's it got to do with you

@robbiewilliams RU releasing a new book anytime soon.Loved the previous ones.Feel was fantastic. New Chapter in your life; New book?

yes. You Know Me (The Book) is out Sept 20th

@robbiewilliams What's you favourite thing about being a closet Derby County fan?

how do you feel about me beating you at pool?

im on to Bejewelled now. you'll be gone for weeks. all the best mate

@robbiewilliams if you could be any cartoon character who would you be and why?

Stewie from Family Guy

@robbiewilliams Hi robbie if you were a superhero which one would you be?? love jo in spain xx

Wolverine because of the jacket and hair

@robbiewilliams how is it that you only have 122,000 followers and Lady Gaga has like 5 million??

@robbiewilliams How do you manage to get even fitter with age? THAT is my question

thank you. flattery will get you everywhere


Gotta go! Thanks guys

(thankyou RWL )

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Edgar Erena ha detto...

You Know Me - Official (since Feel the book to now)
Twenty - Unofficial and about all the 20 years.

marika ha detto...

Are you sure Edgar ?

Edgar Erena ha detto...

No, I'm not lol. It was a point of view from me.