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18 Maggio 2020 - Concerto a Bonn ( rinviato al 13 giugno 2021 ) )
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lunedì 12 marzo 2012


foto :
(Ieri fuori da un ristorante a Malibu - fonte : The Sun )
(Rob left a Malibu restaurant after lunch yesterday - source The Sun)

Recently there have been some complains on supposed unpleasant communications from italian people, directly to Rob or other poker players. I'd like to clearly state that this site & I as its administrator have nothing to do with that buzz, nor I have ever sent any private message to Rob/people in the fun poker. 
Those messages have to be considered has a private initiative of the sender and are not anyhow related to this fanclub. 
Since now on, no other news from Funpoker chat will be displayed on this blog unless pretty important news or music updates.
(unless Rob specificly declares he's not upset with a direct chat reporting - of course, not copy/paste! )
Finally, I do kindly invite all the Diario Italiano members to wisely use the gift we all have been given in having the opportunity to being somehow "part" of Rob's daily life trough funpoker site. We all must respect him as a person and not abuse of his kindness.

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