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martedì 15 settembre 2015


Robbie ha cambiato come tutti noi la sua immagine di profilo twitter/ facebook in un dipinto di Gabriella ed ha scritto un messaggio in suo onore.

Rob, we want to let you know how much it means to all of us see this heartfelt message from you tonight. To see that along with so many of us, you have honoured our beautiful Gabriella by sharing her art with the world. To see that you have also changed your profile picture has moved us all. Thank you.

Music and art touch our souls. Through your music and the many concerts and tours over the years, we have all met extraordinary people from all walks of life. From this many of us have formed lifelong friendships. 

Real friendships that exist outside the arenas and the stadiums and the queues. Not just fans. Friends. Real people. Real lives. Real problems. Real tragedy. Real heartache.

The outpouring of love for Gabriella today has been overwhelming. To see so many profile pictures changing on social media. Our timelines and Twitter feeds filling up with Gabby's instantly recognisable paintings. As if there is now a gallery full of her work everywhere we look. Reminders that her art will not die. Its beauty will endure. 

Gabby would be her usual shy and modest self - probably very embarrassed by all the fuss, but at the same time we know that her family will be deeply touched that so many people want to honour her. 

Most of all that you, the man she quietly admired from afar for all of these years and painted with such dedication, talent and love have paid her this touching tribute tonight.

She was one of us. We needed this for her. Thank you for making us smile on what has been the saddest of days.

With love

( thankyou Amanda B. for translation )

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