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sabato 3 aprile 2010


Lettera allegata al video :
The first thing we’d like to say is that – as Robbie’s fans – we are more than happy about his return. However, his comeback hasn’t been one hundred percent joyful for us (his Italian fans). If you have a look at his public appearance’s calendar, you’ll easily notice that Italy hasn’t received the same treatment of other countries. Countries like Germany, Holland, France, Spain, Aussie and so on had the pleasure to have Mr. Williams at least for a couple of tv and/or radio shows. Almost every countries ran competitions to give people the chance to win tickets for his gigs. Every countries but Italy! Do you know which is the only competition we had? The one to win his last album: reality killed the video star. Quite useless, don’t you reckon? As every fan of Robbie bought his album down here. And… What about his promotion, you say? Well… even worse! His only appearance has been in a crap (probably the crapest) talent show: 4 messy questions, 3.50 minutes of Bodies, 1 platinum album, and… that’s it! So even if rktvs sold as many copies in Italy as in his own country, even if he has been welcomed as a king in occasion of his one and only appearance here in Italy… still his fans didn't (don't... and probably won't) have the same opportunities of his others fans all over the world. There’s more: we can’t even take part in the competitions organized by other countries, since they are reserved to their people. We tried to contact EMI Italian department with letters and calls, but no one ever replied. The only thing we got from them is indifference. This behaviour makes us speechless, EMI Italy seems to be the only department of Robbie’s record label that doesnt’t care about his customers. This is outrageous! So finally, this letter has the job of spreading as far as it can Robbie’s Italian fans disappointment. Who knows… maybe someone will get back to us, sooner or later… Hope is the last one to die, isn’t it?

(grazie a Vally per la traduzione)
 Il video e la lettera sono stati pubblicati su questa PAGINA del SITO UFFICIALE

La prossima settimana verrà aperta anche una discussione sul sito ufficiale con la gradita partecipazione di tutti voi.

2 commenti:

Nuria ha detto...

Great video!!! Just one comment, he only came to Spain one night, for an awards cerimony that was only aired live on the radio and showed on TV at 3 am. So IMO Italy and Spain have been treated the same way by him this time... And remember that he forgot us during the CE tour!!

marika ha detto...

I know Nuria
It's a shame for our countries...