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lunedì 21 luglio 2008

A message for Rob.....

Yes. I know . This is Robbie Williams blog but....

Euro 2008
This is the first time I post a message for you.
I hope you will read it and understand my disappointment
These are some pics of Cannavaro (a famous italian football player).
He had a serious injury right before Euro 2008 but he wanted to be with his team anyway, even if on the bench and with crutches.
So what is your problem ?
You could do the same, even if actually I can't believe you are not able to run for a few minutes in a field even if you have an injured knee as you recently played golf in LA.
I saw you last august in Santa Monica and you had a problem with your knee as well, but it didnt seem to be important by that time, you played football as usually.
It is a shame that the UNICEF Ambassador will not be present at the event !
I think they could sell more tickets if your presence is assured, even if you dont play.
Sorry Rob but I really think you should change your mind or find a better justification for your fans who deserve a little more consideration.
(tnx a valentina per l'aiuto nella traduzione )

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